Custom 5-Link Measurements
Provided by CF Member Lokhay

Ok, please don't laugh... I just don't have the time to do more than this. It would be awesome if someone could take those measurements and do drawings with em. If you need more info, just ask and I'll answer asap.

I made a list of materials I needed for the other side:

1' of 3"x2" rect. tube.
7.5" of 3"x6" rect. tube.
1'6" of 6" strip 3/16" thick.
14" of 4" strip 3/16" thick.
3'6" of SMT ext. 1" (int. diameter is not important, must drill to 37/64)
1' of SMT ext. 1/2" ext. 3/4"
SMT is steel mechanical tube for those wondering. As for the rod ends, I bought them from Rod End Supply. It consists of 8 rod ends for each side. I used LXM8-10 which has a 1/2" eye and 5/8" shank. Make sure to order the right ammount of left and right threads. On each side, I also switched one of the LXM for an XM10 which has a 5/8" eye. The reason for this is the shock mount is 5/8". Go to for more info.

The SMT tubes are for the rods. Both front rods are 5", the back ones are 13". Thats excluding the rod ends. The other tube is for the spacers... I could measure them but its easy to figure them out... for exemple, in most cases I have 1.5" between the brackets, the rod end is .625" so (1.5 - .625) / 2 will give you the spacer width.