B&M TH350 Shift Kit Instructions

I've provided a copy of the B&M shift kit instructions in an effort to help anyone interested in installing a kit to get "a feel" for what type of job it is.

I'm not intending to break any copyright laws here and hopefully, B&M Corp. does not have any problems with me providing this information. I certainly don't think anyone will try to create a kit of their own using this information.

The instructions are pretty good. I was lucky enough to get a copy of a TH350 Maintenance book from my local library (I'll list the title once I find it). It was a very helpful reference to have in addition to the instructions.

Installation took me about 10 hours, but, I'm a very, very slow worker and I was extremely nervous about working on a transmission. It was the first time I've opened up a transmission deeper than the filter.

The instructions could have warned about dropping parts a little more. I placed a large piece of cardboard below me to try to catch any falling parts.
Also, note that some of the pictures show the transmission right side up and some show the transmission up side down.

All in all, I'm very pleased with the performance of the kit. I suggest that you talk to other people who have installed shift kits to get their opinions on what option (HD/Towing or street/strip) to choose when installing the kit.
I chose HD/Towing. Shifts are definitely crisper, but I think I may have liked the street/strip option better.

So, for what it's worth, here are the eight pages of instructions as provided in my B&M TH350 Shift Kit:

Check automotive forums (my personal favorite, the Corvette Forum) for more advise/information.

Good Luck & I hope this has been helpful.


April 14, 2001