Heater Core Replacement
Project by Paul Latour
Note. This 1979 L-82 does not have A/C!

New core. Price was $45.00US.

The challenge! I did this job eight years ago. Here we go again!

There are six 7/16" nuts on the cover and three electrical connections.

Hoses came off with knife. Really fried on the spouts. That hose band broke off a few moments later.

Love the white Goop I put on eight years ago. I had lessons from Bubba! What a mess....

Blower motor and cover. GM manual calls this a distributor box. Goop was removed.

Leaking fluid evident. This unit was only eight years old....

Coming out. Pry from the side to the left.

Almost out! Should have had new rubber gaskets for the spouts. They seem to be just movement/vibration buffers for the spouts.

Done! That is the lovely green stuff that does wonders for carpets. Fortunately, I have plastic weather boots.

Snap-on clamp that holds the core in. Just a press fit.

Rubber gaskets for the spouts. They slip under a bracket on the right side of the firewall box. They were in pretty good shape; a little RTV did the trick in the minor break on the left.

Semi-finished. Everything nice and secure. Need new hose band. Used RTV silicone for the cover. Hope that is not a Bubba.

Finished with new hose band (basement inventory) and tie also. Non-NCRS clamps and hoses. OK for me, however.

Hope this was of assistance to someone! Post Script. Went for a nice drive today (Aug 6); no leaks!!!Update, still fine on October 15, 2000!

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