Hood Cable snapped?

: : I've got a '76 vette stingray and my hood release cable has broken, the passeneger side has turned loose but the driver's latch is still locked. I have gotten under the car but see no access to the drivers side latch, can you help me with any suggestions?

: reply1: I've heard others talk about this...haven't had to use it yet on mine. There is a access hole in the wiper bay near the wipers (on each side)that allows you to reach the latch mechanism and pop it may have to remove a rubber plug that covers it.

: reply2: It's happened to me. Take a long 12" or so screw driver and about 3" from the hood line you'll see a rubber gromet. Pop it out and stick the screw driver through and feel for the latch. once you;ve found it push forward on the latch, it should pop open after that.