Free Restoration Package
from member 45ACP

" . . . Restoration Package for your Corvette from GM/Chevrolet! Call the Chevrolet Customer Assistance hotline at (800) 222-1020 or 810-696-4800. You will need to supply the VIN of the car. If your Vette was originally registered in Canada, you will have to call GM of Canada at (800) 263-3777. GM-Canda wants $40.00 plus tax for the restoration package, so try the US number first."

I got mine last year. The stuff I got consists of good quality photocopies of service/maint. info, an order form for the Corvette Black Book, a dealer order guide, MVMA Specifications form, another rather extensive specifications reference published by GM and a 1/4" thick listing of official GM Restoration Parts suppliers. All told, about 100 double-sided pages.

The young lady I spoke with last year didn't quite know what I was talking about when I requested the Restoration Package, but after a few seconds of keyboard clicking sounds she found it and walked me down through a list of questions (name, address, VIN, etc). She told me 6-8 weeks to deliver, but I remember it only being a week or so.

Yes, it is free. Free phone call, free restoration package, they even covered the postage.
All you have to do is call, answer a few questions, then go out by your mailbox and wait.